Add Bookmarklet

A bookmarklet is a bookmark (or favorite, in IE speak) that you save in your browser to perform some function. The ZAT bookmarklet makes it much easier to save information (links) into ZAT.

Setting up the bookmarklet

Setting up the bookmarklet is easy! Pick one of the following two bookmarklets:

If you allow pop-up windows in your browser, use this bookmarklet: →ZAT Note that this bookmarklet opens a new window when you use it, so it will not work properly if you have blocked pop-up windows on your browser.

If you have pop-up windows blocked in your browser, use the following bookmarklet instead (although it is not quite as convenient): →ZAT

Simply drag one of the above two bookmarklets onto your browser's bookmark toolbar: You can use your browser's bookmark manager to change the name of the bookmark if you want.

Using the bookmarklet

Using the bookmarklet is just as easy as setting it up. Let's say you find a web page that has some wonderful information about travel in Europe, and you want to add a link to it into ZAT. While viewing that web page, all you have to do is click on the bookmark for the bookmarklet. This will pop up the Add Link page for ZAT, with the following information for the link already filled in:


The URL field is filled in with the URL for the web page.


The title field is filled in with the title for the web page.

short description

This field will be filled in with any text you selected on the web page.

All you have to do after that is pick a Place for this link (for our example, Europe) and specify the type of link. The bookmarklet helps you by letting you avoid typing in all that information about the link.